Earthstorm Software is my personal software development hub. The 'my' being me, Richard Ruston. I wanted a place to bring together the various tinkering and projects I dabble in from time to time, and also somewhere to blog about software related 'stuff' - partly as a journal so I can find things in the future, and partly to aid others who might hit the same pitfalls.

I've been developing software since my teenage years - starting out with Basic on a C64. When I went to uni I picked up my first PC, and after completing a degree in Computer Studies, I joined IBM at their Hursley Park software laboratory to work on enterprise middleware used to power billions of transactions daily across the globe. After over fifteen years at IBM, at the end of 2015 I decided it was time for a change and left IBM to find pastures new. 

Outside of paid work, I'm still a techie at heart, and can often be found developing Android applications, or tinkering with Raspberry Pi’s. I'm a regular at @RaspJamBerlin and have also contributed to the NodeRED open source project.

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